About Our Tools, Training
and Website Services

Thanks for being here. I'm Robert Farrell, founder of Krashaon LLC a New York, New York, USA company. I've been teaching marketable software skills since 1987. I founded my training company Desktop America in 1991 and ran it successfully until April 2002. to be candid after the terror attacks of September 11th 2001. The in-person software training business changed. So I unofficially retired at the age of 42 in April of 2002.

Due to the amazing growth of the web and online services I moved my training and marketing and web development business 100% online by 2004. I've been in the online trenches, training, marketing, consulting and selling since 1995.
Yes... I've wasted a lot of money and made a lot of mistakes in the past 23 years. 

One of my favorite hashTags is #WorkingSmart and I'm a huge fan of working less and earning more. So if you're tried of chasing shining objects and being fooled by snake oil sales techniques, and spending was too many hours enrolling into webinars and endless reading of blogs and watching videos...
Please allow me the opportunity to help you finally WORK SMART! 

If you are serious about earning then let's get serious about learning how to build a brand, engage your customers and earn the right way. BTW... My word and integrity are paramount to my thriving success. I make 100% no promises or guarantees of ANY INCOME, I provide 100% time tested opportunity and that's all. I do hope you can appreciate and respect what I am saying.

I look forward to serving you and sharing my vast experience and knowledge.
Carpe Diem - Robert Farrell