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It took over 8 months to build out and perfect our complete turnkey web development platform and back-end admin training video guiding tools system.

You're never left stranded or alone. Your success is our success... We are here to help you learn and the opportunity to earn the right way, working smart every step of the way.

Black Friday Marketing Website Tools Get Started Step 1

Pick a SubDomain Name...

We own over 14,000 keyword rich domain names. Each niche marketing website comes with at least 10 domain names to choose from.

Example if you choose domain name:, then your subdomain amne can be: or or etc

No other web building marketing platform provides you with marketing keyword rich domain names to use for your turnkey marketing website

Add Your Affiliate Codes To Your Admin Plugin To Track Your Sales 

We have many WP premium affiliate, SEO and marketing plugins to build and curate your new traffic building, niche marketing website.

Watch our time-tested back-end admin videos to guide and assist you in working smart. I want to be your very own private #workingSmartCoach

Build and Curate Your Video and Text Content

With premium WP plugin tools we have done all the heavy lifting for you. Bring in content of your own or shared content based on keywords. You may also set content to curate every few hours as well.

Black Friday Marketing Website Tools Get Started Step 4

Tag Your Content with Keywords and SEO Tools, Share on Social Media, add website to Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics

Once you have built and added your content, added SEO keywords and tags, then added to webmaster tools and analytics you are ready to share online via search engines and social media. BTW the key to multiple niche websites and to benefit from back linking and cross reference between your websites.